The Importance of Suspension



Why Suspension is Important

Most people who care about the performance of their car look into its brake, torque, horsepower, etc., ignoring or usually not giving the suspension system the attention it deserves.

Auto engineers have spent several thousand hours trying to develop better suspension setups, just like they’ve been trying to churn out more powerful engines consistently over a period.

Here are reasons why the Suspension is important and why you need to take extra care of it.

The friction between the road and your car’s tires helps the car move forward. And the suspension of your car helps increase this contact’s effectiveness and efficiency. All of these things working in tandem is what makes better handling and effective steering possible, thereby making the ride for the passengers and drivers far less bumpy.

Suspension is important making the ride for the passengers and drivers far less bumpy.

The Suspension’s Working Mechanism

Almost every road on this planet presents its fair share of irregularities in the form of bumps and potholes. When your car’s tires come in contact with these irregularities, the car wheel undergoes a sudden acceleration of fluctuating magnitude vertically, based on the rough patch or bump’s size.

If there isn’t any system to handle that impact, the struck wheel’s energy would get directly transferred to the vehicle’s frame, resulting in the car feeling the impact identical to the wheel.

Ride and Handling

The suspension (shock absorbers) of your car lets the wheel to ascend over irregularities sans disengaging from the road’s surface at an identical degree. This mechanism enhances your car’s overall ride quality.

That said, a car’s suspension not just tackles potholes and bumps. A vehicle’s sudden sideways movement caused by a directional change could result in the car tires losing their grip, thanks to the loss of road contact.

Besides the down and up motions that get processed by your car’s suspension with the help of shock absorbers and springs, there are some other suspension elements that take care of other movement types such as sideways, rubbing and twisting movements.

Kindly note a few of these things could significantly impact your driving experience based on the condition of your car’s sway bars, bushings, wishbones, torsion bars, ball joints, etc.

Properly balanced and calibrated suspension lets the wheels make room for these immediate alterations in direction, making sure your car’s tires and wheels remain in constant contact with the road even while the car is changing direction.

And this compensation act of the suspension is referred to as handling, which significantly impacts your vehicle’s maneuvering ability without losing traction, particularly at high speeds.


Ensure the suspension of your vehicle is getting regularly inspected by an auto expert.

Taking care of your vehicle’s suspension makes sure you would derive the maximum out of your car’s potential performance, and also stay safe while on the move. Ensure the suspension of your vehicle is getting regularly inspected by an auto expert. You may do some DIY maintenance time and again but that would never beat the expertise of a professional.

If you’d like us to make a suggestion for an auto expert, contact the team at South West Automotive. The people there would handle every suspension-related problem of your car, making sure the suspension gets back to its original shape and spec.